Ze pinball Podcast ep. 2 | TWIPY awards | Williams, the mythical pinball manufacturer

For this 2nd podcast, we vary the pleasures: we start with free comments around the last edition of the TWIPY Awards. An open discussion about what the ceremony inspired us.

And then we talk about the most mythical manufacturer in the history of pinball: Williams, which became Bally/Williams in the end. We retrace the beginnings (but quickly, we do not intend to retrace each step, multibille.fr does it very well), and especially we dissect what made the success of the manufacturer … And what will have had its skin.

This podcast teases the hour of listening, we have not particularly calibrated our shows, in order to keep a little spontaneity to the exercise. After that, it’s to be listened to with one or two neurons activated, not more. You won’t be exhausted at the end!

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