Pinball Brothers and Pedretti merge!

In the small world of European pinball, this announcement is a historical turning point: Pinball Brothers has just announced its merger with Pedretti Gaming, under the name Euro Pinball Corp.

PB designs the games, Pedretti manufactures them. This alliance was already industrially operational since the commercialization of the Alien pinball machine, so it takes a capitalist turn.

Pedretti Gaming is basically an Italian manufacturer of arcade machines and mods for pinball machines. They recently created the Rudy’s Nightmare kit for FunHouse.

Concretely, this merger is supposed to allow the production of two pinball machines in parallel (Alien and Queen for the moment), in a new factory inaugurated for the occasion. Pinball Brothers takes advantage of its press release to remind that :

  • they have produced 800 machines with Pedretti to date
  • the first production run for Queen pinball machines will be in January 2023
  • the increase of their production capacity allows them to enlarge their network of distributors
  • they have other projects in the pipeline, without specifying them

For us gamers, the birth of Euro Pinball Corp. is good news. First of all, the advent of a new solid player will allow us to benefit from a healthier competition. Moreover, the European market will be therefore less subject to the vagaries of the euro-dollar exchange rate and customs duties.

In addition, the alliance creates a complete and a priori robust pinball machine manufacturer, capable of controlling its value chain, from design to production. Let’s hope the little guy nibbles away at the market share of the leaders.

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