Pinball John Wick announced by Stern

On Friday, May 3, 2024, pinball machine manufacturer Stern announced its new machine. The theme will be John Wick. John Wick is an unabashed action film series starring Keanu Reeves as a former hitman.

The scenario fits on a postage stamp: one day, some villains kill John Wick’s puppy. His wife, now dead, had given him the animal as a gift. The killer sets out to avenge himself. As one death leads to another, he ends up taking out all the world’s murderers and delinquents. This is the fourth opus. That’s hundreds of stiffs. The work is an ode to aesthetic violence, not to be taken at face value. Just experience the images. Expect a good, big, testosterone-induced freak-out.

Incidentally, the code name for this pinball machine during the design phase was “waffles”. Stern likes to give project names that blur the lines and have only a distant link with the license. In this case, the reference eludes us. If you have it, please contact us!

The reveal is scheduled for May 7.

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