Taylor Bancroft - Pinball people at Stern Pinball

Pinball people have made it the iconic object it has become. As news and opportunities arise, we have the pleasure of interviewing these celebrities, or those who deserve to become celebrities. You’ll also find biographies and portraits.

Pinball designers are the ones who invent the machine. They are, of course, surrounded by a team of engineers and coders. Nevertheless, the genius or banality of a playfield and its trajectories is down to them. In other words, these are major figures in the history of pinball! Some became legends, others failed to bounce back successfully after the market collapse of the 2000s. These are just some of the stories that tell the story of how pinball came to be.

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Pinball professionals

The pinball industry employs a wide range of skills, and therefore a wide range of profiles. Here are the professional pinball personalities who make our favorite pastime a reality! You’ll find pinball machine distributors, small manufacturers who’ve developed a very specific know-how, and employees or managers of the companies that design and manufacture the machines.

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The pinball community

Pinball was kept alive in the 2000s by a dedicated community. It made up for what the professionals could no longer provide: maintenance, renovation, buying and selling. Today, these mechanics and computer specialists have been joined by web players. Youtubers, streamers… And let’s not forget the competitors, as tournaments abound. There’s even a league that ranks the world’s best players by country: the IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association). Few of these people earn their living from pinball. The time they devote to it is passion! Please support them (and us, too), because without them, this hobby would already be extinct.

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