European pinball manufacturers

Historically, the pinball capital has always been Chicago. Nevertheless, Europeans also had a few manufacturers during the 80s and 90s, who all but disappeared with the collapse of bar and arcade operations. Over the past 10 years, as the market has revitalized itself with machines dedicated to home use, new players have once again tried their hand on the Old Continent.

Production quality varies greatly from one player to another, and volumes are well below those of the 2 American leaders, Stern Pinball and Jersey Jack Pinball. And we can’t say that there’s a European “touch” at this stage. Nevertheless, the initiatives are well worth the detour: here’s a look at the challengers from Europe.

Pinball Brothers, now Euro Pinball Corp.

Pinball Brothers (PB) rose from the ashes of another manufacturer: Heighwey Pinball, which disappeared in 2018. PB acquired the licenses and designs of its predecessor, and shared some of its investors.

On the other hand, Pinball Brothers’ HQ is based in Örebro, Sweden, whereas Heighwey Pinball founder Andrew Heighwey was based in the UK.

Pinball Brothers inherits two licenses, and not the least, and each is taken through to marketing and production:

The Alien pinball playfield is based on the one designed by Heighwey, with a few optimizations and rationalizations. The original machine was attractive, but the Pinball Brothers version takes nothing away from its charm.