Pinball Gameroom

Buying a pinball requires knowledge of several kinds. First and foremost, you need to know the market. Who should you contact to buy a new or used machine? What are the price ranges? And more simply, which models do you like best? Not all pinball machines are created equal, whether in terms of rarity, depth of play, hardware quality, technology or repair… It’s best to have a minimum of information about each machine before making your first purchase. Even without buying, discovering the world of pinball makes playing more fun. Knowing that you’re looking at a legendary pinball machine that made history adds to the excitement! Here’s a series of guides and tips to help you better appreciate the richness of this hobby.

If you’re thinking of buying a pinball machine, you’ll need to make a first, decisive choice: do you want to buy a new, boxed pinball machine, or a used one? To make your choice, you’ll need to ask yourself a few other questions, which we’ve detailed for you in this series of articles.

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Best pinball machine rankings

Which model of pinball machine should you choose? Which machine should you play if you have several in front of you, at a trade show or in an amusement arcade, for example? Here are a few rankings to help you find out which pinball machines are the benchmarks in the gaming community. But we can’t stress this enough: you’re the only judge of what you like!

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Discover pinball

The world of pinball may seem impenetrable to a newcomer. The terms used are in English and often technical. What’s more, the term “pinball” encompasses many different objects. Last but not least, pinball has evolved over time, with each era bringing its own innovations. Here’s a series of guides to help you find your way through the pinball jungle 🙂

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