Elvira : Blood Red Kiss Edition

Stern Pinball, the world’s leading pinball manufacturer, announced in mid-October 2023 a new version of its Elvira’s House of Horrors pinball machine, on sale since 2019.

This version, called Blood Red Kiss Edition, features a gray playfield and box, with the exception of a few dashes of red, all the more bloody for contrasting with the rest. The exercise is reminiscent of the Premium version of The Munsters, all in black and white.

What’s more, this edition includes the dagger-shaped shooter rod by default and is limited to 500 copies, with an autographed card. Unsurprisingly, the Stern Insider Connected module is included.

As was the case a few weeks ago with the 30th anniversary version of Jurassic Park pinball, Stern is taking advantage of this Blood Red Kiss Edition to release a new version of the code, compatible with all versions. It includes :

  • New cinematics on the LCD screen
  • New call-outs by Elvira herself
  • New “Pew Pew Pew Frenzy Zone” and “Eegah” game modes
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