Fathom revisited : some news

On March 20, 2022, Haggis Pinball, the Australian pinball machine manufacturer, gave news:

  • Production and therefore delivery of machines is still impacted by the pandemic, but it’s moving forward.
  • Their new Fathom revisited machine now benefits from an alternative code named “ruleset 2.0”.
  • This code is presented in detail in the video at the end of the article

The “Classic Edition” of the pinball machine does not benefit from it, only the Mermaid Edition. This superior range also benefits from :

  • reflective components on the board
  • 5 speakers for the sound
  • A small screen on the apron (the metal part at the base of the body)
  • lots of flashing lights

Fathom is a reboot of a machine released in 1981, so the set is very simple: no toys, few mechs, no ramp.

On the other hand, the artwork of the set and the front panel, with its old-fashioned score screens, are successful and faithful to the original machine. The soundtrack is both retro in its composition while taking full advantage of the sound system that a modern pinball machine can offer.

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