Insider : your 2022 review

Stern Pinball, the pinball manufacturer, has released a cool feature at the start of 2023 on its Insider Connected service: a recap of your pinball year!

It includes several key pieces of data, including:

  • The number of games played (yes, well, easy)
  • Experience points earned compared to the average of connected players
  • The number of achievements, also compared
  • The % of single vs multiplayer games (ah, this is getting funny)
  • The ball you score the most on (I love this)

So take a look at your stats, and let’s compare 😀 Easy to beat the Pinball Mag. editorial staff, we are #lowscorepinballwizards.

[Update: since Stern Pinball has changed the calculation of the highest scoring ball, the results are much more balanced than what you see here]

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