Jack Danger will do less streams

Jack Danger, aka Dead Flip, was until now the most prolific streamer on pinball, and also the most watched. For the past 9 years, he has been on the air almost every weekday night to introduce us to new machines or simply to play. In fact, pinball machine manufacturers rely on him to unveil their new models.

In December 2021, Jack Danger was hired at Stern Pinball as a designer. We owe him the Jurassic Park Pin and Foo Fighters pinball machines.

In this month of May 2023, Jack Danger announces to slow down the rhythm of his lives, in order to devote time to his family. We can only understand him, because having a professional activity during the day and a media activity in the evening doesn’t leave much room to relax and enjoy his family.

Dead Flip will not totally stop his streamings, but they will be much less frequent. The future will tell if he manages to maintain this new balance. Often, streamers switch completely to one side or the other, because the way platforms like Twitch or Facebook work encourages to produce a lot to keep a good visibility. To intervene episodically is to give up a hard-won audience.

In any case, a big thank you to this man who opened the way to dozens of streamers, of which Pinball Mag is a part. His contribution to the world of pinball continues anyway with his role of designer. Considering the unanimously recognized quality of his last production Foo Fighters, we will continue to talk about the man!

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