Pinball GX: rule sheets at their best

Innovation comes from the world of virtual pinball game! The LUP’s Club has just given the community a great gift: Pinball GX!

For the record, the LUP’s Club brings together fans of Pinball FX, the virtual table platform from publisher Zen Studios.

Pinball GX: the interactive game guide

It’s hard to beat this rulesheet:

  • Rules in French and English, in a perfectly respectable translation;
  • Paragraphs more structured than any other format, even those of the manufacturers themselves (main and secondary missions, easter eggs…);
  • A playfield image that highlights the relevant inserts when hovering over certain keywords.

Honestly, it couldn’t be clearer.

Pinball GX Regles du flipper Indiana Jones

4 pinball rule sheets already described

At the time of writing, 4 pinball machines have their own digital manuals:

Good old Bally/Williams from the good old days! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the inventory will grow quickly. But it’s probably a lot of work, so we’ll have to be patient 🙂 Our pinball machines have waited 30 years so far, so they can wait until the team gets the job done.

The new benchmark for user instructions

With the possible exception of a slightly more modern site design – and again, this is a subjective opinion – it’s going to be hard to do better than Pinball GX in terms of teaching pinball rules. This format will become a must for all players, whether they play on physical pinball machines, vpins, PC, consoles or smartphones.

Congratulations on this initiative, which is also free of charge for its users!

Collector of friends who have pinball collections.

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