Pulp Fiction to be announced at CGC

Are they all crazy in this month of March ??? Chicago Gaming Company has just announced, via a teaser, the imminent release of its Pulp Fiction pinball machine. No surprise on the theme, the rumor was already running. It would be a single level pinball, the old fashioned way, with no ramp or lower or upper playfield.

Now, almost every American manufacturer releases or unveils a product during the month of March. They probably had the idea to exhibit their new products at the Texas Pinball Festival on March 24, 25 and 26, 2023. Still, it looks like collective commercial suicide. When you’re a small player, you let the big ones pass you by to get a better share of voice in a less congested time slot…

What do we learn in this teaser?

Play Mechanix ? Who are they? This company, based in the suburbs of Chicago, has made a name for himself by creating arcade games based on video game and movie hits such as Minecraft, Halo, Jurassic Park or King Kong. It is also known for the Big Buck Hunter series. The company merged with Raw Thrills in 2006, another arcade name.

The nature of the deal between CGC and Play Mechanix is not specified, but it arouses curiosity.

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