Scooby Doo at Spooky Pinball!

There was a persistent rumor that the manufacturer Spooky Pinball was preparing a Scooby Doo pinball machine. The video released by the manufacturer first to the members of its club (the Fang Club), finally published publicly on Youtube, offers us a teaser of their next machine.

What do we learn? Not much concrete, but the embedded text gives some context:

  • First of all, Matt Frank is in charge of the artwork, an artist who usually has a little passion for Godzilla and kaijus in general (those giant Japanese monsters). Nevertheless, if you look at the images that illustrate the video, he made the very “flat” style of the cartoon his own. He is assisted by Jeffrey Zornow.
  • The music is by Matthew Montgomery, aka Count D or Piggy D, a guitarist specializing in horror punk (is there such a thing as horror punk music?)
  • The call-outs are done by actors who have already lent their voices to Scooby Doo movies and cartoons. The most famous of them are Matthew Lillard, who played the ultra-villain of the first Scream and especially Samy in the Scooby films of the 2000s. Kate Micucci played one of Raj’s friends in Big Bang Theory. Frank Welker is part of the cast and has played Scooby Doo in the past.
  • The core of the storyline will unsurprisingly be about finding clues to solve investigations shrouded in mystery and gently scary creatures.

As for the playfield, the price, the release date, and other topics usually commented on, you’ll have to wait. Count on us to keep you posted!

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