Stern announces Foo Fighters pinball machine

Stern Pinball has just announced its new cornerstone, that is. It features the music band Foo Fighters. For the record, Foo Fighters was built around Dave Grohl, the former drummer of Nirvana.

The teaser video reveals what seems to be a piece of the LCD screen animations, in a rather nice cartoon style. Jack Danger is being considered for the design according to Knapp Arcade. Jack Danger is basically a pinball streamer who was hired by Stern to become a designer. He is responsible for the Jurassic Park Pin, a “lightened” version of the machine designed by Keith Elwin. Jack Danger would thus sign his first cornerstone pinball machine.

There is a chance that Zombie Yeti will sign the artwork, for two reasons:

  • The artist is on a roll right now at Stern and is collaborating on every other pinball game. Since he’s not behind the latest James Bond game, this could be his turn.
  • Zombie Yeti has already done posters for Foo Fighters.

If the communication schedule follows the usual pattern used by the manufacturer, we should see the reveal within a week of this announcement.

The previous game with a musical theme from the manufacturer was Rush a year ago.

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