Stern: rumors and code names

The employees of Stern Pinball are jokers: they use code names that ostensibly refer to known licenses for their new pinball projects… On licenses that have nothing to do with them, or so little!

For example “Cobra Kai” is the code name for the pinball machine to be released on the Marvel Venom license. “Spectre” was the name of the Godzilla pinball machine released in September 2021. “Jaws” was the in-house nickname for the Jurassic Park pinball machine and “Goonies” was the nickname for the Stranger Things machine.

So if you were hoping for a Goonies, James Bond or Jaws pinball, stop right now, and wish for world peace instead.

On the other hand, the rumor persists on a Back to the Future table for early 2023… Unless it is the pseudo for a pinball machine based on Chuck Norris’ Walker, Texas Ranger TV show. Who knows?

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