Stranger Things : new run

Netflix pinball machine Stranger Things, released in 2019, is set to benefit from a new production run. In early October Stern Pinball announced that they would resume production of the machine.

The additional quantities will concern the Pro and Premium versions. As the Limited Edition is inherently limited, it would have been unwise to produce it again.

There will be some minor improvements over the first salvo on the projector available on the Premium version. On the other hand, the UV (ultraviolet) kit that gives this pinball machine its salt does not appear to be installed as standard. Nevertheless, it’s likely that Stern will propose it again as an option, even though the accessory has long been out of stock.

Finally, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this additional quantity is accompanied by a code update. This was done a short while ago, at the same time as the announcement of the 30th anniversary edition of Jurassic Park pinball.

Flipper Netflix Stranger Things - New production run
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