Ze Pinball Podcast episode 6 | New American and Spooky Pinball Rumors | Reveal Mandalorian

We are teasing, the podcast doesn’t start with the big news, but with some cool news about the potential pinball machines that will be announced soon American Pinball and Spooky Pinball.

We then move on to the most anticipated pinball game of the year: The Mandalorian at Stern Pinball. This one was officially announced on May 11, 2021, and since then, the pinhead community has been dissecting all the streams and technical data.

So we come back to Stern’s communication strategy that never ends to despair us. And of course we comment on all the elements, toys and visual and audio content that the pinball machine will provide.

The Mandalorian is also the subject of speculation by American buyers, who do not hesitate to order several of them to raise the stakes. Does crime benefit Stern? You’ll hear that opinions are divided.

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