Ze Pinball podcast episode IX | Spooky Pinball announces Halloween and Ultraman

The least we can say is that Spooky Pinball, a family-owned manufacturer from Wisconsin, surprised us. The manufacturer has just announced the commercial launch of two pinball machines at the same time! The themes? Halloween, based on the 1978 John Carpenter movie, and Ultraman, a Japanese TV series from the 1960s, the ancestor of Bioman, Power Rangers and other X-Or.

The pinball boards are generous in toys, creative, unstructured, especially with this stack of upper-playfields (mini game boards above the main board). An original pinball machine, and a priori robust, because Spooky is known for the quality and the solidity of its machines.

But here’s where the surprise comes in: the two pinball machines are strictly identical! One is a “skin” of the other, a visual adaptation of the same board. A strange choice, which leaves us perplexed…

In any case, this year 2021 turns out to be an excellent year for the flip’ community: The Mandalorian, Alien, and now Halloween. A nice triplet! Only Lazarus prefers the Ultraman theme, we’ll leave it to him 🙂

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