Ze pinball podcast episode 4 | Mandalorian and other rumors | Debate: Is Stern a good industrialist?


The rumor is growing, it’s even leaving the realm of hypothesis to become a certainty: the next Stern pinball game will be based on The Mandalorian license, the spin-off series of the Star Wars saga. The least we can say is that this quasi-announcement generates hopes that don’t seem so crazy.

This breaking news tends to overshadow other interesting news at Haggis Pinball and Spooky Pinball, which we also detail in this podcast. Paris_pinball_addict takes the opportunity to tell us all the good things he thinks about the family that runs Spooky.

Finally, we return to Lazarus’ article analyzing the operation of the Stern plant. Several of our readers have raised questions to which we try to give a detailed answer.

You’ll notice as you listen to the podcast that we don’t all agree on what to think about this workshop. Conflicting opinions are becoming a habit, and we’re okay with that! It’s more fun when we don’t all agree.

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