Pulp Fiction pinball by the end of the year?

We already talked about it at the beginning of the year: Chicago Gaming (CGC) would prepare a Pulp Fiction pinball machine. The rumor is growing, and several American podcasts are reporting it.

So for the record, this would be an “old school” machine on a single level, without a ramp. This is a choice apparently desired by Quentin Tarantino, the director of the film. This retro side is very appropriate for the license, which plays on codes of the 70s.

Christopher Franchi would be at the artwork. A relevant choice when you look at the “old school” record of the artist:

  • Batman 66 released in 2016
  • The Beatles released in 2018
  • The Munsters released in 2019

A launch by end of year 2022 is evoked.

All this information arouses curiosity. It would be the first original creation of CGC, which until then had focused on remakes of the great legends of the 90s: Monster Bash, Medieval Madness, Cactus Canyon

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