Pinball Mag. anniversary !

Hey Pinheads ! Today we’re celebrating 2 years of Pinball Mag.! ūü•≥ūü•≥

So to mark the occasion we got out our calculator to see a little of the work we’ve done.
On the results side:

  • 185,000 visits since the website was created!
  • 30 000 videos seen on Youtube
  • 12 000 listenings of our podcasts

And on the production side :

  • 355 articles and news published
  • 29 podcast programs
  • 23 videos

Today, Pinball Mag. is run by 4 editors/podcasters, but many more Pinheads contribute to the shootings and events.

Thanks to all those who support us, who participate in our meetings, who read us, watch us, listen to us, comment, buy on the store or make a donation on Tipeee.

It’s for you that we do all this, and you give it back to us, we are lucky!

Long live Pinball Mag. and the pinball community!

Collector of friends who have pinball collections.

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