The Extra ball episode V | Alien by Pinball Brothers

Vidéo Extra Ball : test du flipper Alien de Pinball Brothers

We have spent many hours on the new Pinball Brothers pinball machine: Alien, from the movies of the same name. And there is a lot to say about this pinball from the science fiction saga :

A generous tray, with toys such as an alien head with a magnetized tongue, egg-shaped bumpers lit in RGB from the inside, or face-huggers (alien larvae that cling to the face) that wriggle above the slingshots, on either side of the beaters

11 or even 12 loops or ramps, a number of alley shots much higher than the average of recent pinball machines

A screen on the playfield

A Widebody board, i.e. wider than the classic format

Mechanics partly inspired by video games, with for example the choice of weapons to destroy the aliens

A sound and an atmosphere ultra faithful to the license !

But also a lack of Quality Control, especially with this still unstable code, which sometimes makes the machine crash

Here is the video in a longer than usual Extra Ball, for a pinball that deserves it !

A big thank you to LG Jeux in Saint-Nazaire and France Flipper, who lent us the machine. We were able to test it in optimal conditions !

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