TOTAN 2.0 Kit: The new HD version available!

You may remember the (French) initiative of the upgrade kit for the Tales Of The Arabian Night pinball machine (TOTAN 2.0) released about a year ago, in the tradition of the old school pinball upgrade kits to which we add new code, new physical elements etc.

Unfortunately, the launch was not a success and the partnership with Mirco is no longer on the agenda, but Benoit is not discouraged and is coming back with several new features as he announces an important update of his kit!

After a short interview with him, here are the new features of this TOTAN 2.0 HD kit, which Benoit considers as “the ultimate achievement of this 6 years project”:

  • If the gameplay elements contained in the original version of the kit are still present, they have been simplified to make them more accessible
  • All animations have been reworked in High Definition. They are no longer based on the original WMS assets and are therefore entirely new
  • The notion “HD” corresponds to the definition of the animations, now based on a matrix of 256 X 64 pixels against the initial 128 X 32. The whole with 16 384 possible colors by “frames” (unique animation session), instead of 16 before.
  • Some musics have been modified/added
  • Addition of a video mode
  • Added about twenty additional modes in game, including :
  • 6 multiballs instead of 3 before
  • 14 “Tales” instead of 7
  • Special modes like “shooting phantom” or the pinball machine activates itself, like in Monster Bash
  • and many other things…

Please note that it is possible to restore the original gameplay of the last WMS ROM, version 1.4, via the game options. So you can play the old version if you feel like it!

You can see all these elements in game in the video below:

Benoit also told us that he is actively looking for a serious supplier to start the mass production of this kit. We hope to see this new HD kit soon in our countries to allow our good old TOTAN pinball machine to get this ultimate update!

We thank Benoit for this information and we wish him of course to find a supplier that meets his expectations.

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