Ze Pinball Podcast episode 3 | Manufacturer sales volume, pinball & mods release rumors


Hi Pinheads! Third episode of our podcast, the one and only: ZE Pinball Podcast!

We start by reacting to our own news: our last article on “the best-selling pinball machines of all time” raised a lot of questions about the sales volume of current pinball machines. So we’re back to give you more info on that part. Spoiler alert: it’s not good.

We also look back at the rumors of the next pinball releases. Two themes are circulating in the community right now: Back to the Future and Beetlejuice. We tell you what we think, the probability that it turns out to be true.

We will finish on the “mods” and we will try to give a definition, finally… We will try… For this subject, you will see that we do not always agree with each other. It’s good, it’s good for the atmosphere !

Enjoy listening to the Pinheads!

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