Game of Thrones on virtual pinball machine (VPX) : imminent release ?

In the virtual pinball world, as in the real pinball world, there are projects that go from pipe dream to highly probable, to an imminent release. Among these projects, some are teased sparingly, if at all, and when it’s a project running on Visual Pinball X (VPX) and under the leadership of the VPW team, the hype rises very quickly as soon as the slightest information is distilled.

So with a video teaser worthy of the name, the Game of Thrones table has just landed with a bang before our astonished eyes, and as with each release of a VPW table, the whole VPIN community is in a frenzy.

Long awaited, this table entirely based on the original code of the eponymous STERN pinball machine will be recoded entirely by hand (no emulation possible with the SPIKE system). We know since the release of Blood Machines that the VPW team masters perfectly the animations on Dot Matrix displays. This means that the table will be very close to the original model’s gaming experience.

No release date has been communicated yet and the VPW team is keeping the veil on this point for the moment. One thing is sure, the table seems to be at a very advanced stage and we can’t imagine the VPW team releasing a trailer of this quality to make us languish for many months before enjoying it fully on our Vpins.

But no more talk, I let you discover this teaser in video. Enjoy !

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